Sunday, December 28, 2008

So, were in Midland and have been since Friday...and already it's been an adventure...I've been staying with Granmom so it's been much more fun than it would've been. The puppies are staying with me since Dad's parents don't like animals and are not very nice to them. My aunt is on her way right now with her husband and son so I'm excited to see them since I haven't seen them in a couple years at least. My granparents are starting to get really old and it's sad cause they can't do anything by themselves and all they do is gripe about this or that. What's kept me going though is my twenty million guitars/mando/violin stuff and my Tinkerbell coloringbook with my 64 piece crayon box...yes im 17 and still coloring in Disney coloringbooks :0) Church was awesome cause i went to GCR (That's Golf Course Road CoC but thats wat the cool kids call it) with gma and it was soooo neat. I loved the praise team and everything was awesome. I'm sure it stirred the pot since granny and gdad go to Fairmount Park instead and we went to the Other CoC but watev i dont care. Oh and gdad sucks his dental plate after every meal its nasty, he makes noises at their poor mistreated dog and is mean to him and then goes on forever. And we've had to play the hot/cold game some cause they turn the heat up SO HIGH it's nauseating. so we sneak over and turn down the thermostat. Anyways, that's it for now I guess...I got the Twilight soundtrack for Christmas as well as August Rush and then my gma got me On A Whim by Robin Jones Gunn and the 3rd Blue Bloods novel. And Sierra's hair is staticy its hysterical...k toodles ill write more later

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Well Merry Christmas everyone! It's been a very good Christmas this year, although it's probably been the toughest financially I've ever experienced. It really opened my eyes this year that Christmas is so much more than just getting random stuff. It's about family and friends and spending time and building relationships with one another. I've learned so much this year. And looking back, it might have been a tough year like I said earlier-but it's been one of the best years of my life. I've never struggled more-although last year would be a close close second, but I've never been closer to God than I am right now. And I'm so thankful for that. I truly trust Him with everything because I now finally get that I can't control everything and that if I'd just let God be in control in the first place things would go smoother in the end! Even now, looking at things meanwhile asking God for guidance as to whether this is what he wants or has planned for you, it puts things in prospective. Whatever happens is happening for a reason and like my former (but always will be) youth minister Rick Odell says, "It's amazing how God can take crap and turn it into ice cream" boy is it true. Anyways tomorrow I'm headed to Midland, Tx wahoooo! It'll be a long drive but well worth it I'm thinking. So, get ready for some crazy stories from my family gathering....

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pretty much I'm loving break!!! It's been amazing to stay up late, watch movies and get up at 10 without feeling guilty!!! Me and mom have been doin all sorts of stuff and I've been fairly busy. Today I don't think I was home for more than an hour. I had church, then lunch with my youth minister who's takin a new youth minister job in Ft. Smith, Arkansas-which I'm excited for him but it's gonna be sad without him there. Then, a friend and I went home talked to her cousin who's a rele neat guy that I like a lot, then we went to a progressive dinner and now I'm home. Whew!! I've got so much to do this week before we leave! And Wednesday is Christmas Eve-seriously?! Already?! I love Christmas but it came so fast this year! Anyways...

Oh and suddenly it feels like everyone I know is getting married!!! I think there's at least 3 different couples that got engaged within the last month and two of them happend this weekend! The one I'm most excited about is this guy named Ray who is literally my brother...long story but he pretty much relpaces my sister's place as my sibling. He finally asked his girlfriend of at least a couple years (ive lost count) to marry him. They were in Rockefeller Center or watever that thing is called and they were getting their pics taken and as the pic was being taken he got down on one knee!!!! OH MY GOSH the pics r soooo romantic and sweet and made me cry. I'm so excited for them and makes me kinda excited for that one day that maybe I'll get to experience that...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Today was my last day of high school finals-forever!!!! I'm so glad to be done with them on break oh my goodness! I'm so excited I'm out till the 5th of January and I'm headed to Midland, Tx to visit family. Me and my folks will leave next Friday!!

Anyways, so I've decided my favorite author of all time is Robin Jones Gunn. She is my hero!! I love her Christy Miller series, Sierra Jensen series, and now her Katie Weldon series. They're great books that display what true relationships should look like with guys. I love how she includes God in every single part of the book. And the sayings she uses in them-brilliant! It makes me want to wait for a really good guy that God has out there for me. It also inspires me to be "hot on God's heels" seeking Him and being as close to Him as possible so that I'll know what he has in store for me and my life. She's also taught me that I am a Peculiar Treasure and that I'm God's and he loves me more than I can even fully understand. With everything going on in my life right now-this most recent series has made a huge difference and has kept me on track. Anyways thats it for now :0)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

So, I need to get this off of my chest. What is it with guys? Some of them drive me nuts. If I'm not the one initiating the conversation 24-7 they think I don't care about them and that they're carrying the friendship and it's not worth continuing. It makes me feel horrible, but I mean I can't always stop in the middle of everything and be like, oh I need to text Charlie so he'll be happy. What makes it worse is the guys that do this like me more than a friend and I don't like them back in that way (or at least one of them does). And I feel horrible because I don't want to initiate anything to lead them on. And they always end up blaming me as if everything is my fault and they're done. It's like if I'm not exactly what they want/need I'm not worth keeping around. Seriously?! This is so draining when I just want to help them get through tough times and be a friend but not be pushy. I learned not to be pushy from this girl who really tore me to pieces. Since then, I don't initiate a lot of things. People know I'm here for them if they need me and I go from there. It's worked well except for these couple of guys that just don't get it. It makes me want to reevaluate everything I do to make sure I'm not screwing up, but honestly I can't figure out what else to do. UGH!!!!!

Anyways, aside from that, finals are this week. My last set of finals YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Tomorrow is Music Theory, Yoga, and Choir. Music Theory is going to be rather unpleasant considering I didn't study and it's supposed to be fairly hard. But I'm dropping the class next semester and I don't think it'll be a big deal if I do poorly. And Yoga and Choir should be a breeze. We get out at noon yay! Tuesday will just be Orchestra, then Wednesday is Spanish II and Drawing-not bad. Then finally Thursday is Government. This week shouldn't be too bad at all at least pertaining to finals.

Besides that, I think I lived at church last week lol. I was there at least 5 nights/days. It's like my second home. I'll be there at least 4 nights/days this week. Gotta love it!!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Wow, I don't think I've been compelled to write this much but here we go! So call me crazy, but I caught myself once again looking at my sister's facebook page pretty much screaming (not literally of course) at her. I mean, I find all these pictures of her out drinking having a great ol' time and she's just a completely different person from when she was my sister-I don't really consider her my sister anymore, I mean she doesn't fit any of the qualities I see in my adopted sisters and brothers. I remember there was one time she used to care about me and even possibly love me, but I know that's not true now. I honestly don't think she would talked to me if I tried to contact her-not that I would. And I know I need to move on...there's just part of me that doesn't wanna let go of her cause deep deep down she's my sister and always will be. She was my role model and my best friend and when she left it tore me apart. As I said I have moved on with support from so many people which they know who they are and I appreciate them more than they will ever realize. I just wish there was some way to recconect with her even though I know it's prolly best we don't. See, I loved being close to her, but with all the positives came some intense negative points. Everyone thought she was sooo much prettier and yada yada. I never heard the end of it, and it was like we couldn't leave the house without a guy checking her out. I remember being used by certain guys to get to her. It really messed my self-image up. For the longest time I was convinced that I was fat and ugly just because I didn't look like her. And she didn't really help. I mean she'd act like she thought I was pretty, but you could tell it wasn't true. When she left, I finally had the chance to stop comparing myself to her and to look at myself and see how far I've come in the past years. The only reason I'd want to get in touch with her would be to tell her that though she broke my heart into tiny little pieces that I love her and she will always be my sister. I hate to say it, but if she ever came back and wanted to be in my life again-I would let her. Well, now that I've got that out of my system...more later.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Ok, this week has been sooooo long. I miss Arkansas like none other...I can't exactly explain it why I miss it so much. I learned a lot there-more than I expected to. Not only that, but I miss all the family. It's like part of me is missing now. They accepted me so quickly and I felt like I belonged there in the chaos. I really fit in the big family setting. I made some friends that I really wish I could see again and I don't know if I'll ever see them again. I pray that I will and that we'll stay close, but I can't exactly say that I know it will happen. I don't know why I'm in such a funk, it's just a bummer that Thanksgiving went by so quickly. But things will be ok-after all, everthing will be ok in the end, if it's not ok, then it's not the end! :0)

On to other things, I had two concerts this week! Wednesday's was my favorite by far. It was at school and I was in orchestra and in concert choir. I happened to have a solo for concert choir for the song "Down to the River to Pray" which is one of my all time favorite songs!!! gotta love o brother where art thou! So I, along with two other people, had to climb up a ladder to get up by the lighting booth to actually sing it. It was pretty slick getting up the night of the performance and as if that wasn't challenging enough the zipper on my dress decided to break so my dress was half unzipped-but don't worry we wore robes when we got onstage! It was awesome but I made mom cry which kinda made me feel bad but oh well that's how parents are supposed to act I guess. The other concert was for violin and i played part of my audition piece which is Bach Partida No. 3 which is actually in the movie August Rush which I think is pretty neat. It was a good time in general.

Now last time I'd just found out I didn't make Belmonnt's music program-which was a major bummer. Suprisingly though, that night was the hardest. It got better from there. I've been doing a lot of talking with God and I know that he has a reason for everything and just cause they said no doesn't mean I'm gonna give up on God's plan for me which right now I feel is music. This week I've been searching trying to figure out what he wants me to do: whether to go to Belmont and study music business, go somewhere in Texas or what! After talking to my youth minister and "grandad" (aka mike myers) It's been made clear that God wants me to be at Lipscomb-now as some of you know that was the LAST place on Earth I wanted to go. But Nashville is where I need to be and want to be, and Lipscomb will let me study music and be apart of music which is more important to me than having the label of going to Belmont. I mean after all, Amy Stroup went to Lipscomb and she's been doing just fine-not necessarily makin number ones on the charts-but she's successful. I mean what exactly does success mean? In my opinion it has NOTHING to do with fame but whether you're honoring God in all you do, staying close to Him, and sharing the word of God with other people so that they might experience the same joy and peace through Him. If I could pay rent that would be good too :0)

So things are finally coming together I think. Christmas is coming yay!!!! I love love love Christmas it's my favorite holiday ever!! Can't wait to see what I'm doing for Christmas Eve service. Last year I sang as Mary "Breath of Heaven" which was soooo cool. And after that I think me and the folks are headed to Texas to visit the fam woot. go flat west texas. well some of it is pretty and im actually pretty excited to see some people i havent seen in years!!!! well more to come later.