Friday, October 09, 2009

Midterm's already been 6 weeks?! For real?? That flew by quicker than I expected. Last weekend was the ZOE Conference which was when my friends came to visit me!!! Here's a pic of me and my friend Kari

Anywho, it's crazy to think I'm halfway through my first semester of college. It's definitely had it's bumps, but I'm finally starting to get settled in I think. I know my friends and family back home won't forget about me, replace me etc etc. And I came to realize that I was making myself miserable without realizing it. It's almost as if I didn't want them to think I was so happy without them and wouldn't need them. Funny logic-huh? As everyone's told me (which now I really get it), college is a rite of passage everyone goes through, you do a lot of changing-so hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

On other news, I get to visit my cousin next weekend that'll be soo much fun!!!! They have a kitchen so maybe I'll get to cook something...I'm going through cooking/baking withdrawls it's like part of me is missing because I can't do it. This weekend will be full of relaxing and trying to stay dry since we've had some moments where it felt like it was time to bring in the ark! Will update later, but for now it's time to read for Seminar...