Monday, March 16, 2009


So, I'm sitting in a class and the network is down so no one can get to their documents and thus can't do a single thing work related. And now, I'm bored out of my mind...I've already checked both email accounts, looked at some blogs, checked the church news, looked to see when church camp is this summer and how much it'll be, and checked my grades...I'M BORED!!!!!! I don't wanna work on scholarships cause last time that happened I almost got in trouble-bad news bears!

Anyways, whatever I'm happy just sitting listening to music. So last week was definitely one of the rougher weeks I've had but now it's on to a new week with a great cause :0) This week is wish week at my school, and we're sponsoring a kid who has fibromyalgia and wants to go to DisneyWorld. Tonight the singing group from CU the Buffoons is coming to perform, and all ticket sales go to the cause. Everyone gets into the whole process, and it's great being able to know that we as a school fulfilled a little boy's dream. Besides that, this week will be packed!!!! I've got the usual rehearsal stuff/lessons/church stuff which usually has me runnin around like crazy, but this week I also get to pack for Texas for next week!!!!!! Yay!!! I'm hopin to see my aunts again but we'll just see how everything pans out...Oh and my best friend is most likely coming if math goes well for her this week....haha. I've actually missed being in Texas, and I'm lookin forward to being back for a little bit.

Well...hmmm lets see....what else to write...I find out about scholarship info I think by the end of the month. oh crap the networks workin bye!

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